COVID-19 & Antimicrobial Sterilization

Take decontamination to a higher level

R2C is an authorized TOMI™ SteraMist™ partner. Our technicians will disinfect your area within minutes by utilizing the best disinfectant found in nature: a reactive oxygen species - hydroxyl radicals (OH). SteraMist disinfects hard to reach, non-porous surfaces - going above, beyond, under and around disinfecting sprays and wipes.

The benefits include:

  • iHP fog kills and inactivates bacteria and viruses in even the most hard-to-reach areas
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria and deodorizes by killing odor causing bacteria
  • Six-Log Kill (99.9999%) on clostridium difficile spores
  • Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement
  • EPA and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards compliant

TOMI™ SteraMist™ Case Studies

  • Government. When a San Antonio-based Air Force base had begun to suspect possible coronavirus contamination on the premises, authorities needed to locate a technology and service quick enough to complete the job quickly and efficiently. As a response, relevant military staff reached out to local TSN™ member Wow Total Cleaning & Restoration to tackle the challenge by utilizing SteraMist ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) in the potentially affected areas. Read the case study (link to PDF)
  • Hotels. Several weeks into the emergence of the coronavirus (CoViD-19), a room in a StayCity Hotel in the UK played host to two coronavirus patients. Once the room in question had been emptied, immediate and thorough decontamination was required as quickly as possible. Answering that call was Bio Decon Group, a SteraMist® provider in the UK. Read the case study (link to PDF)
  • Ships. When an ocean vessel serving as a research ship was faced with an outbreak of MRSA, a doctor employed by the shipping industry was tasked with locating someone to handle decontamination. The responsibility fell to New Jersey-based Infection Control Technologies (ICT), a TOMI Service Network provider who promptly responded by deploying their biohazard response team to address the situation. To mitigate the spread of infection, this response team was equipped with today’s most advanced disinfection tool: SteraMist® Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™). Read the case study (link to PDF)
  • Retail. After an employee at an ACE Hardware store tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the facility owner quickly took initiative and halted operations, seeking out disinfection to help the store re-open as soon as possible. As a result, their local TSN member, Flood Department, was called to come in and immediately apply powerful SteraMist disinfection to the facility. Read the case study (link to PDF)

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