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COVID-19 & Antimicrobial Sterilization

COVID-19 has become a critical issue for businesses, producing greater demand for essential deep cleaning and disinfecting services. Providing a clean and safe environment for businesses, multi-family homes, commercial centers, food service, retail stores, government offices, and industrial facilities is more important than ever. R2C uses the latest technology for cleaning buildings and public places.

"Our facility was faced with an evacuation due to a potential COVID-19 infected staff member and required cleaning/disinfecting before reintegration could occur. R2 Consulting provides the type of service we were looking for and at the cost fitting into our allotted budget, although just as importantly, they were able to complete the cleaning/disinfecting within hours of the call. This allowed us to reopen the facility by the next morning with overall downtime minimized and with confidence that a cleaned/disinfected building existed. I will not hesitate to use this service again if the need arises." Aaron - Dodge City, KS 

Business Management Services

Your time is important. R2C professional service solutions allow you to maximize your time and focus on your goals. With exceptional customer service and dependability, our highly experienced professionals provide the management assistance for business, administrative, projects, programs, contracts, financials, and logistics. We also provide document preparation, and human resources and staffing support.

Business Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Your customers expect a clean, safe environment, and R2C helps you achieve that with professional deep cleaning services tailored to your business needs. We specialize In commercial hard floor and carpet cleaning, as well as restroom cleaning and disinfecting.

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